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Drumming website designed for students to explore, practice, review material and insight form myself and other drummers. 

Coming soon... The Six Bar Exercise Video


4 Bar Pattern

Below are two videos that can be used to play along to.
- In the video I count out loud a sixteenth note grid while playing a simple beat for 3 bars and an empty 4th fill to play a fill. Fill ideas could include 16th note paradiddles, singles, doubles or combinations of the three. 
- Once you understand the idea you won't need these videos, so use them as a tool to help get you started. 
- The reason we count out loud is to engage our focus, listen for our own mistakes, and connect our mind to our hands. Always remember "as above so below". If we have the count together with our mind and voice, then our hands will follow. Enjoy, and don't be in a hurry.