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Jonesin' and the Hurt

Jonesin' and the Hurt is a Toronto based Folk/Rock Band made up of Ralph Clarke (guitar/vocals), Evan Chladny (guitar/vocals) , Cam Fraser (Bass), and Stan White (Drum Set)

"Jonesin’ and the Hurt wears their big bursting heart right out on the sleeve of a musty plaid shirt that likely hasn't been washed in weeks. These charming punk-folk rockers consistently deliver toe-tapping indie grooves, gorgeous two-part harmonies and the kind of witty, crass lyrics that are sure to make your mom blush. 

 Rising out of the ashes of undergraduate loan payments to York University's music program, Evan Cladny and Ralph Clarke pooled together their best songs and worst jokes to create acoustic duo Jonesin' in early 2014. After some success sharing their sweet tunes with the seedy clientele of Toronto's more questionable venues, Jonesin' were joined by bassist Cam Fraser and drummer Stanley White and effectively evolved into Jonesin' and the Hurt. 

Armed with a suave new rhythm section and increasingly depressing day jobs, the band's hunger for sharing their passionate and driving sound could only grow. They began to play to bigger crowds and bigger venues including the Rivoli, Lee's Palace and the Horseshoe Tavern and released their debut album Why Not in March of 2015."

More recordings and videos will be availabe soon as Jonesin and the Hurt have 2 ep recordings set to release. 

This is our second official music video. It is a about a robot that comes to earth and tries to find LUV. Does she find it? If you like it please share. :) HUGE THANKS TO ABDUL AND HIS TEAM FOR PUTTING THIS TOGETHER !
This is the first music video from Jonesin' and the Hurt's debut album- Why Not? If you think you like it please share! Directed by: Ralph Clarke Edited by: Yosub Jack Choi Thanks to Austin Clarke for the footage!
JONESIN' AND THE HURT performs the song "PLEASE GIVE ME" for BalconyTV. Subscribe to us right now at 'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - PRESENTED BY BETH Two street musicians who made a killer rock band focusing on the styles of indie, folk, and garage music.