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Drumming website designed for students to explore, practice, review material and insight form myself and other drummers. 

Lessons with Stan White

I am currently teaching drums in Barrie Ontario at the Barrie Music School ( 11 King Street, Barrie Ontario, phone number (705) 726-5051.

Call today to set up a FREE first lesson, (705) 726-5051

THIS is what we're all about. 11 King St unit 6 Barrie ON 705.726.5051


"As a drummer of 8 years, I can say without a doubt that Stanley has taught me the most valuable information regarding music throughout our time together. He has inspired me to pursue a career in music and helped my prepare for my Humber College Music Performance program, which I have since been accepted into the course..."

"He is a patience, adaptable, and dynamic instructor who instills confidence in his students. As an elementary school teacher of 20 years, I can appreciate the level of professionalism and expertise that he displays and the commitment that he has towards his students...Stan has a fantastic rapport with music students of all ages and abilities. He has the capacity to connect with his students, to take what seems to be a difficult concept and to break it down into simpler forms, so that I, as a beginner, can feel a sense of accomplishment."