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Drumming website designed for students to explore, practice, review material and insight form myself and other drummers. 

Lessons with Stan White

Testimonials  from current and former students

"As a drummer of 8 years, I can say without a doubt that Stanley has taught me the most valuable information regarding music throughout our time together. He has inspired me to pursue a career in music and helped my prepare for my Humber College Music Performance program, which I have since been accepted into the course...His articulate nature conveys new ideas into students minds with ease. Through the use of metaphors and demonstrations, Stanley makes the wide world of music easy to understand."

"He is a patience, adaptable, and dynamic instructor who instills confidence in his students. As an elementary school teacher of 20 years, I can appreciate the level of professionalism and expertise that he displays and the commitment that he has towards his students...Stan has a fantastic rapport with music students of all ages and abilities. He has the capacity to connect with his students, to take what seems to be a difficult concept and to break it down into simpler forms, so that I, as a beginner, can feel a sense of accomplishment."


For lessons in Toronto and Barrie please contact me directly

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Stan White

Stan White is offering drum lessons at his Drum Dojo space in Toronto for $25 1/2 hour or $45 for an hour.

Call today to set up a FREE lesson and chance to meet with Stan and make sure he is right for your educational needs.