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a drumming website and space designed to gather insight and information for the aspiring student.

Drumming website designed for students to explore, practice, review material and insight form myself and other drummers. 

Rhythmfest Barrie 2015 

At the 2015 Rhythmfest in Barrie, I was asked to give a clinic for younger kids as an introduction to the drum kit and performance.  I talked about how to hold your sticks, counting out loud, and the idea of dropping your sticks with effortless power. 

In 2016, Barrie’s Rhythmfest again offered an invitation for me to lead a young drummer’s clinic, but the festivities were unfortunately cancelled due to rain.

In 2017, Barrie’s Rhythmfest offered me an invitation to perform on the main stage. On August 19th, I gave a clinic on the concepts of practice. I also performed a solo snare drum piece called “Gladstone’s Carving” and a solo improvised drum set solo taking the audience through a decade-by-decade historical tour of drum set styles in North America.